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It Still Ain't Easy  (1991) - Released: Canada 1991 on the Stony Plain label.
This was John's 1st release on the Stony Plain Records. This great roots-based label is led by Holger Petersen. It Still Ain't Easy was released 20 years after It Ain't Easy. Producers Holger Petersen and Powder Blues main man Tom Lavin. Classic tracks include Midnight in New Orleans and
Willie Dixon's masterpiece Insane Asylum.  
MP3- It Still Ain't Easy |


A Touch of Blues  (1989) Released: in Canada on the Musicline label.
This album contains recordings from the record "Long John Baldry and Friends" that was originally available only by mail-order in 1987. It also contains three previously unreleased songs including a song by Alan Hull from Lindisfarne. This record was later released as a CD in France.


Long John Baldry and Friends  (1987) - Released: in Canada on the Musicline label.
This record was available by mail order as a bonus for people who bought Silent Treatment. Live in the studio recording of Long John performing songs from his acoustic repertoire such as Muddy Waters' I Got My Mojo Working.
NOTE: The cover photo has Long John sitting on the beach at Brighton, England circa 1950's.


Silent Treatment (1986) - Released: Canada 1986, the independent Musicline label. 
This album contains a great version of the Walker Brothers hit The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore. LJB toured across Canada with 9 piece band in 1987 to promote this album. Long John and Kathi McDonald do a soulful duet of Marvin Gaye's hit Ain't That Peculiar. Frank Garcia (site's webmaster) produced LJB's first music video, Silent Treatment


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