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The Best of Long John Baldry (1983) - album was a compilation of his early Capitol records Baldry's Out, Long John Baldry, and Rock With The Best. The highlight of this record is a previously unreleased version of Percy Mayfield's A River's Invitation as Long John gives it  soulful treatment. It has never been released on CD but all of the material is on EMI's 1995 double CD A Thrill's A Thrill - The Canadian Years.


Rock With The Best (1982) - Released: Canada 1982 on the EMI label.
This album was produced by Chilliwack band members Bill Henderson and Brian 'Too Loud' Macleod. The album contains some good rock songs such as Bad Attitude, Welcome To The Midnight Show, and Rock With The Best.
 NOTE: The back of the album jacket containsa neat photograph of John from a 1981acoustic performance at Ontario Place Forum.


Long John Baldry (1980) - Released: Worldwide in 1980 on the EMI label.
This album contains a great version of Morning Dew and two excellent Willie 'Mink' DeVille songs, Savoire Faire and Mixed Up Shook Up Girl. Also featured is LJB's own arrangement of The Doors 'Love Me Two Times'.
NOTE: as a computer came up  with the fact that Long John Baldry and the Doors had similar audiences!


Baldry's Out  (1979) - Released: Worldwide on the EMI label in 1979.
This record was very successful in Canadaand Australia as John toured for a year in support of the record. Included on this collection is the self-penned Baldry's Out, A Thrill Is A Thrill  and LJB's rendition of You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling. Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers is quoted saying LJB's and Kathi McDonald's duet is the best outside the original.


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