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Producers: Halve/Thiel/Coulter/
1.Good Morning Blues      2.MP3- Who Back Buck      3.Back Water Blues   4.Morning Dew    5.Black Girl       6.It Ain't Easy     7.Let's Burn Down The Cornfield     8.Moon Dance In Tajikistan     9.Walk On       10.Maggie Bell        11.Flying         12.Can't Keep From Crying Some Time     13.Blue Valentine       14.MP3- Midnight In New Orleans


LIVE- Long John Trio - The band here is a trio of Long John Baldry on vocals and acoustic guitar, Butch Coulter on harmonica, and Matt Taylor on electric and acoustic guitars and vocals. No bass or drums. You may think ugh, how good could this be? Don't be fooled by this stripped down little band. This is a killer trio with a big sound. The charismatic Baldry is the one who runs this show, but it's Matt Taylor who makes this whole thing work. This kid is just an outstanding guitar player. When Baldry let's him loose this kid dazzles with his elecrifying yet always in control guitar solos. He's really something special. And I've heard a lot of good guitar players. Not to be overlooked is Butch Coulter, who has been around Baldry for over 20 years. His harp rendetion of 'Moondance in Tajikistan', better known as Van Morrison's 'Moondance', is a dazzling display of jazz harmonica. Great stuff. Some favorites of mine on here are 'MORNING DEW', which is a great song in itself, and Baldry's gruffy vocals here are perfect for this song. Another classic song here is Tom Wait's 'BLUE VALENTINE'. Baldry let's Matt Taylor sing here. And guess what, the kid can really sing! He's got the whole package. But the real topper here is the old Faces song 'FLYING', that closes the album. A beautiful song that's got some of the best guitar work by Taylor I've ever heard. Now I can see why my friend was excited about this. I've now become a new Long John Baldry fan.  - Patrick Earley/
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